Dudley and Bob Show 6-25-2013
Posted 6/25/2013 6:10:00 AM

*Daniel's bachelor party-planning business has a new theme song:

*In other news, a really, really, really, really, really old Egyptian statue that hasn't been touched in years just decided to move on it's own inside of it's case in a museum. We spent a while arguing about how it moved. Kinetic energy, sound vibrations, the spiritual world, who knows.

*Matt thinks there's something going on in the Ukraine. Just go to YouTube. Search for "Ukrainian girls." Don't worry, it's nothing raunchy. They just seem to have really great genes.

*Time to get serious. Here in Texas we're still having the same heated abortion debate. It just keeps getting worse. Republicans are trying to push through pretty tough anti-abortion laws, but things are at a stand still.

*Another update on the NSA issue: Dale found an article talking about how the NSA broadly collects data on us in USA Today...from 2006. Now CNBC guy says that the reporter who broke the Snowden story, Glenn Greenwald, should get in trouble, too. It's seems like another problem coming from all this is the relationship between the government and the media.

*I'm sorry Canada, I can't hear you over the sound of our freedom. Apparently free speech doesn't exist across the border. A comedian was forced to pay damages to a lady that he insulted during one of his shows, even after an appeal. We plan on talking about this more tomorrow.

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