Dudley and Bob Show 6-24-2013
Posted 6/24/2013 6:30:00 AM

*We found the e-vite for the bachelor part that Daniel is throwing for his brother. Be there or be square.

*Last week we learned that Austin was the most vegan-friendly city. It turns out that it’s also the best city to be in if you have no money and no love life. I wonder if there’s a correlation.

*Speaking of young and broke, we’re going to introduce you to some of our interns. We’ll be putting them through a Survivor-like experience before we get rid of them. That recent lawsuit means we have to start paying our interns…which we can’t.

*Spurs lost…but you can still get Championship gear?

*Well, that’s one way to handle a hussy. Just throw her over a cliff.

*Have you ever gone to a convenient store and been treated horribly by the guy behind the counter? Have you ever gotten so pissed that you bit his finger off?

*If you support Paula Deen, there's a campaignThese people do. It seems the more she talks about the whole racism thing, the more she gets in trouble. Here's that older video that we watched on air.


*Texas is should be hitting a milestone this week. Kimberly McCarthy is the unlucky winner of being the 500th person to be executed by the state since 1976 (when the death penalty was allowed again).

*Cop gets attacked. By a monkey.

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*Is anyone else bothered by people going overboard with the history of the chicken that you're about to eat?

*"How is Jesus supposed to come back if just let him be aborted as a baby?" Texas is debating again over abortion.

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