Dudley and Bob Show 6-21-2013
Posted 6/21/2013 6:30:00 AM

*Turk Pipkin played a bit part on The Sopranos, but a big part in helping us get over James Gandolfini's death. He wrote a really touching letter about this time with the great actor.

*Equally depressing, a reporter was killed in a simple car crash...or was he?

*Well, that's it, we're never sleeping again.

*Here's that list of the 50 ugliest DJ's. Did we make the cut?

*Exodus International, the Christian ministry that had the "cure" for being gay, says that it actually doesn't and shuts down.

*Jesus was found...on a tile in an airport.

*I guess poop makes her angry. This lady threw dog feces at the dog's owner.

*Did Tebow get promoted? Patriots player Aaron Hernandez has to talk to the police about the death of his friend.

*Some TSA guy might have judged some girl for her clothing choice.

*Texas Representative Louie Gohmert on food stamps: people buy crab legs so they don't need 'em!

*A naked man gets tazed repeatedly at "Trust Fun Fest."


Walt Maciborski has returned triumphant.

He used to be a news anchor here in Austin, but left us for a while to work in places like New York, Los Angeles, and Indianapolis.

But now he will be gracing our screens at KEYE.

Maciborski said in an interview with the Statesman, "Even though I wasn't born here, it feels like Texas is in my DNA.”

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