Dudley and Bob Show 5-9-2013
Posted 5/9/2013 6:58:00 AM

*A new medical school will likely take the place of the Irwin Center... Eventually.

*If A&M is getting rennovations, UT has to also, right?

*Does this college logo promote rape?

*For the first time ever, Dale praises Baptists for their logic. They are cautiously but firmly warning the military about religious freedom.

*It looks like Baptists are also concerned with Mental illness. Bravo!

*Charles Ramsey on Anderson Cooper!

Oops, laughing at viral videos might make you racist.

*High School teen teaches teacher a lesson. What is wrong with our school systems today?

*People of the Neighborhood: Thanks to Ben Broussard- parkour enthusiast, gymnsast, break dancer, and owner of the Hot Lava Obstacle Course gym which opens mid June. 

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