Dudley and Bob Show 5-8-2013
Posted 5/8/2013 6:52:00 AM

Good Morning!

This morning we talked to Daniel for a while about his dating situation. He has finally bit the bullet and signed up for a dating site. If any ladies out there are interested you should contact us!

-A website pits Issaquah High School Students in a "hotness tournament." Not much has changed since the days of "slambook."

Fact: Women in revealing dresses cause Earthquakes. (According to Iranian Cleric)

*Find out the true cost of your vices. This might hurt.

*Three girls who were kidnapped over a decade ago in three seperate instances, have all been found in a house in Cleveland. One of the girls was able to escape and call the police, with the help of a neighbor. 

*Cleveland hero gets the autotune treatment. This is the best one so far... 


Freeloader: Thanks to Erick and Nathan for coming in today with their product, The FreeloaderThe Freeloader is a lightweight child carrier backpack, rugged enough for the trail but easy enough for a day at the park.

  • -Lightweight aluminum frame provides ergonomic distribution of weight, increasing comfort and reducing long term strain
  • -Plush padding on back panel and seat offer extended comfort for your freeloader
  • -Open back maximizes airflow to keep your back cool
  • -Shoulder, waist and chest straps for adjustable comfort and sizing. Extra padding shoulders spread the vertical load through the trapezius
  • -Capacity of up to 80 lbs., great for toddlers and small children
  • -Small enough for a carry-on, easily stows away for travel around the world, perfect for air travel, road trips and more
  • ​**Made with lead- and phylate-free nylon materials
  • **Meets all CPSC standards

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