Dudley and Bob Show 5-7-2013
Posted 5/7/2013 6:26:00 AM

The ACL Lineup is out today! Depeche Mode, The Cure, Wilco, Muse and Kings of Leon are among the headliners. Heck yes. 

*Most importantly, Lionel Richie will be here! Too bad hwe can't perform this video live, 

*Fake group launches #noindecencyfcc group. Tweet at them and let them know what you think!

*A guy farts in the middle of a pool tournament. This is quite hilarious.


*These guys identify more with their past lives, when they were animals. 

*3 is apparently the most stressful number of kids to have. Poor Bob. 

*Sucking on your kid's pacifier may make them healthier! Who knew?


*A huge thanks to Dr. Stanley Wang for joining us this morning to talk to us about heart health. As you may know, Dale got his stress test yesterday. Dr Wang has been a huge help over the last few weeks. If you're over the age of 45, have a family history of heart problems, are overweight, or smoke cigarettes you should go in for a heart scan today. 

Contact Dr Wang at the Heart Hospital to set up your Heart Saver CT.  You can call 407-SAVE or Click here to make an appointment right now! Enter the code KLBJ for $50 off!


This painless test is revolutionizing preventive care in Central Texas. Located on the first floor of the hospital, the HeartSaver CT lab houses the Ultrafast CT scanner, which provides sharp, detailed images of the heart. For patients, the scanner experience is similar to getting an X-ray - fast, painless and highly accurate in determining the extent of calcified blockage in the arteries. Most importantly, the HeartSaver CT provides the possibility of early detection of heart disease when it is most easily treated.


As the number one killer of men and women in the United States, heart disease claims more lives than the next six causes of death combined — about one death per minute.



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