Dudley and Bob Show 5-6-2013
Posted 5/6/2013 6:08:00 AM

*Dale is anxious about his upcoming doctor's appointment. Today he will find out the fate of his heart. We are all sending good juju to his chest!

*ACL Fest is releasing their lineup tomorrow. We discuss whether or not we even care who is playing, or if we just want to sit back and enjoy some beers. All Dale knows is that he doesn't want to hear another word about Mumford and Sons.

*Last Friday, Dale decided to start a new tradition of drinking a few shots of whiskey during the Sideshow. He quickly decided to end that tradition when he found himself in a drunken twitter wormhole. 

*Donald Trump may be worse on social media than Dale. John Stewart calls Trump a "total phony." Trump just can't leave things alone.


*Combat juggling is a real sport, and it's incredibly entertaining.


*Turns out we have our very own champion juggler right in the studio. I wish everyone could have seen Matt juggle cowbells. (Picture above)

*Pailin makes quite an appearance at the latest NRA convention.

*There is controversy over what to do with Boston Bomber's body. What does it matter now that he's dead?

*The 8 most common turn-ons that you probably don't expect. (This list is definitely geared to women.)

*What is the creepiest thing your kids have said to you? 

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