Dudley and Bob Show 5-2-2013
Posted 5/2/2013 6:18:00 AM

Happy Thursday! Only 2 more days until the weekend- which makes us excited!

We have to apologize for not putting up Shut the F*ck up and Play Some Music yesterday, as we promised. We found out that putting up licensed music would be considered highly illegal. We do promise we will have some extra content for you subscribers in the near future!

*Dale went to go see his heart Dr. yesterday. As you may know, he has been diagnosed as having a build-up of plaque in his widow maker. Now, he just has to find out if the plaque is stacked vertically or horizontally.  Next Tuesday, we will be talking to Dr. Wang about a variety of issues of which you may be concerned.

*Combat juggling is a real sport and it's amazing. This is almost as good as the Unicycle footbal I watched this weekend at Eeyore's birthday.


*New evidence showed Jamestown colonists ate a 14 year old's brain. Scary!

*Glenn Beck says "God must destroy us because we are becoming an affront to him!" What should happen to those of us who don't believe?

*Here is a list of the best selling infomercial products. Which ones have you purchased?

*Bear Grylls' producer Steve Rankin got bitten by a snake. The results are horrifying. 

*Battle of the Sexes- That's right. We are going back to old cheezy radio bits to give away our prizes this week. Today we played a little game of Battle of the Sexes, where we tested women's knowledge of men and men's knowledge of women.

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