Dudley and Bob Show 4-5-2013
Posted 4/5/2013 6:45:00 AM


*Dudley and Bob Land launches on Monday!!!! Are you guys excited? We sure are. Make sure to register on Monday Morning so that you can listen to the Side Show. Remember, after today, we will be off the air at 9am. The Side Show will be available for download on Dudley and Bob Land.com within the hour!

*Is Casey Anthony pregnant? I mean, it is coming from a very reliable source.

*Roger Ebert, we will miss you. Personally, I grew up watching "At the Movies" every week, and I owe my movie nerdiness to him. Here are some of his least favorite movies.

*Dale suspects we have an intern runner. Why can't we keep interns? Wouldn't you want to spend time with us?

*Bob and the bullets. Bob wonders who is hoarding the bullets. He went to the bullet store the other day and there WERE NO BULLETS. What the heck is going on?

*GOD SQUAD: Lawrence Krauss. He teaches that teaching creationism is Child Abuse. It was so very nice for him to call in this morning. Lawrence is a theoretical physicist out of Canada. He is renowned scientist education advocate.

*Obama is under fire for calling a woman attractive...

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