Dudley and Bob Show 4-3-2013
Posted 4/3/2013 7:01:00 AM

*Good Morning! We are getting excited and nervous about the launch of our Side Show on Dudley and Bob Land next Monday. We really hope that you'll join us! Check the new site on Monday to subscribe, and the first 30 days are free!

*Dale has a theory about Daniel. He just started using facebook, but only accepts friend request from girls... and claims he doesn't know how to write to them!

*Dumb radio show hosts got suspended after April Fools Joke. Should they be punished for saying the water was full of water?

*Thanks to Allison Schickel for coming in this morning to be a part of Snark Tank. Her product, The Brobe, is a front-opening bra inside a robe for coverage and support she constructed a prototype with her robe and a sports bra.  After years of research, fitting and re-fitting, The Originial Brobe was born. She has also designedthe Recover Brobe after seeing that breast cancer patients needed a product for ice packs and drainage vialsCheck out the site at The Brobe.com

Contact Allison at 512-745-5597 or by emailing her at aschickel@thebrobe.com

Make sure you like The Brobe on Facebook and follow her on twitter!

*A big thanks to James Moody for stopping by to be our guest Snark this morning!

More people believe in these crazy conspiracies than we would have thought.

*Do you understand what this means? 

What the eff is this?

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