Dudley and Bob Show 3-28-2013
Posted 3/28/2013 6:59:00 AM

*We want to take a show trip to Branson to see all the campy musicals. Who knows? Maybe I'll finally get discovered! Who would come with us?

*Husband appears in court for road rage shooting. How do you handle yourself in traffic?

*Robertson and others don't think gays want to marry anyway.

*Marriage is like selling alcohol and cutting hair?

*Thanks to Dr Shaw for stopping by and talking to us today about Prostate Care. Contact Dr. Shaw at Austin Urology Institute for all of your urology needs. He does prostate exams and handles kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, bladder issues and so much more! Visit his site at Austin Urology Institute , or make an appt. 694-8888. You can also "like" his facebook page!

*Tim League in the studio to talk about his new film, "WRONG." Wrong is the 9th film release from Drafthouse Films, the film distribution arm of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. WRONG was directed by fearless surrealist director Quentin Dupieux, who also directed Rubber. WRONG opens in Austin this Friday at Alamo Drafthouse Village, Lake Creek, and Slaughter Lane. It's also available on Video on Demand NOW!

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