Dudley and Bob Show 3-26-2013
Posted 3/26/2013 7:08:00 AM

*We're a little miffed with paypal today. Apparently, they denied our digital team access for a business account, citing that we were a "risky business". WHAT>?

*Judge gives Nestande 180 days in jail.

We enjoyed this so much yesterday, we had to revisit it today.

Here's another favorite.

*The Restore Rundberg project...

*Spit or Swallow... Madagascar Hissing Cock Roach.

*Lustre Pearl may be losing their liquor license. Should all of their bars be punished because of one bar tender?

*Dale's sister finally found his great great "Cherokee" grandma on Ancestry.com. We're not sure she is actually as "Cherokee" as Dale has been told. What do you think?

*Bill Burr will be at the Paramount Theater on April 26th! For tickets you can call 472-5470 or you can visit austintheatre.org. You can calso catch him on tonight's episode of The New Girl!

*Pastor Will Davis Jr stopped by today to talk about the Roundtable discussion that is taking place on Wednesday at the Hyatt Regency at 815PM. He will be meeting with local pastors and national Athiest leaders.

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