The Dudley and Bob Show 3-11-2013
Posted 3/11/2013 6:52:00 AM

Thanks to everyone who tuned in last Friday for our live broadcast. We had such a blast and coudn't have pulled it off without each and everyone of you!

*Dale has a new man crush on Justin Timberlake. But I've touched his hand. That's right ladies. I almost never washed that hand again.

 *Pamphlet oridance not enforced during pamphlet. Amanda saved the day!


*Even ancient humans had heart problems... It's not a new thing!

*The big news this weekend involved the inventor of reddit and Grumpy cat. Do any of you guys spend time on reddit? Did any of you wait in line to see grumpy cat?

 *Best blog ever.... Rock music these days...


*The ultimate wake-up compilations...



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