Dudley and Bob Show 3-6-2013
Posted 3/6/2013 6:58:00 AM

*How much do you tip on 80 pizzas? Is $10 on $1,500 fair?

*Knives on planes are allowed again...

*Gays in NFL locker rooms...Byan Fischer believes they will cause an explosion.

SNARK TANK: Lara from Lala's Lemonade

Lala's lemonade is an all natural, hand-crafted and all-natural product. They only use freshly squeezed lemon juice and pure cane sugar and water. No artifical flavors or preservatives are added! They are currently in 30 restaurants and stores including Kerbey Lane Cafe, Torchy's tacos, and Thundercloud Subs. 

You can reach out to Lara to back her project by calling 632-6400 or by emailing Lara.raich@gmail.com

*Thanks to Steve Simmons for coming in to help out with judging Snark Tank! 

*We welcome Tim, the owner of the punk bar -Brixton. He was recently featured on Spike TV's new series- Bar Rescue.

*Try not to cry. I dare you.

*Check out Amanda last night on KVUE regarding Credit fraud. Everyone should watch this and be aware of the possibility of being scammed.

*Thanks to Doug Stanhope for calling in this morning! He will be in town on March 28th at Red Seven. For more information and for tickets check out his site!

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