Dudley and Bob Show 3-1-2013
Posted 3/1/2013 7:59:00 AM

Good Morning Listeners! 

I want to remind everyone that next Friday March 8th, from 6-10am-we will be broadcasting LIVE fromt he Alamo Drafthouse on Anderson Lane. We will have a line-up of special guests, and will be screening The Evil Dead after the show!


*KEYE is not renewing Ron Oleivera's contract. This makes us sad.


*Women may be fat because they don't do enough housework. HA! What about all the fat men?

*We don't take to complaints very well...A message from Dale-"Grow up everyone!"

 *We got a surprise visit from 2 of our old interns. Students, this is why you should become our interns.

*Thanks to Jim Jefferies for stopping by this morning! For more Jim, you can check out his comedy "Legit" on FX as well as get tickets to see him tonight at the Paramount! Get them quick, they are selling fast! 


*Lawmakers upset about not being admitted to the Governor's mansion... is it because they're black?

*Oh no! The KKK and homophobes may be ostracized by the liberals!

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