Dudley and Bob Show 2-26-2013
Posted 2/26/2013 7:36:00 AM

*We hope you all survived the scary windstorm last night. Matt had damages and I felt a weird vibe in the air. In the very least, maybe you got to see some girl's panties when their dresses flew up in the wind.

*The Onion apologizes for a joke tweet they made that was directed at the young star of Beasts of a Southern Wild. 

*Informal poll: Do you go to strip clubs? and if so, how old are you?

*Texas reporter whines about food trailers.

*Austin helped kill snail mail.

*Man sues parents for not loving him enough. 

*One in four people keep nudie pic on their phone. Do you?

*Robertson-Still a nutjob

Dale's biggest fear as a child was bigfoot. Here is a compilation of all the different Bigfoot howls throughout history.

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