Dudley and Bob Show 2-7-2013
Posted 2/7/2013 6:57:00 AM

We've got a big morning planned for you.My boyfriend will be in the studio this morning, and to be honest with you-I have no idea which way this will go. Only time will tell!

*We will no longer get mail on Saturdays. Does anyone care? Will this save the USPS?

*Lance is going under investigation. How were we so duped by this guy?



*Is this who we are?

*The guys interview Matt while I had to wear a ballgag! Picture above.

*Dr Loving in the studio to talk to Carissa and Matt about relationships! Check out Dr Loving on his site!

*The Not Even Close to New Wed Game

*Thanks to the guys from the film FOURPLAY for coming in and talking about their new movie! FOURPLAY will play FEB 8-14 at the Alamo Drafthouse theater and then tour across the nation. 

FOURPLAY Is four tales of sexual triumph and travail set in four American Cities. 

Posted By: Carissa  
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