Dudley and Bob Show 2-6-2013
Posted 2/6/2013 6:56:00 AM

*Congrats UT on your AWESOME recruitment this year. (Too bad you cannot read sarcasm.)

*Is Barry Sheck making up for OJ going free?

*Rick Perry is retired and gets 150K of your money. What do you get?

Send us an MP3 of you singing the national anthem if you'd like a chance to stand at the front of the line to audition to sing at Dell Diamond! Send your MP3 to nationalanthem@klbjfm.com.

*WHEEL OF GOLD: We get to hear the story of the time Dale and Bob (allegedly) got sued by an (alleged) mall cop. But it's definitely not the mall cop you're (allegedly) thinking about.

*Check out Alex Jones yelling in a parking lot. 


*We welcome show friend Ramin Nazer in to the studio this morning. He's got tons of live shows coming up over the next few months, and you can check out his website to see them all. More importantly, Ramin has a BRAND NEW ALBUM OUT on itunes or downloadable through paypal. 

It's over an hour of original content, and you'll have the satiisfaction of helping out the little guy. Moreover, Ramin is just freaking hilarious and it would feel good to own a piece of him.

*Thanks to Jim Ritts for coming in this morning to talk about the upcoming Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival. The lineup this year is AMAZING, and includes such names as Dana Carvey, Bill Hader, Bill Burr, Chris Hardwick, Mark Maron, Todd Barry, Maria Bamford, Ramin Nazer, and our very own Matt Bearden!

For tickets and to check out the full lineup, check out the website!

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