Dudley and Bob Show 2-5-2013
Posted 2/5/2013 6:40:00 AM

*Perry urges Californians to move to Texas...


Matt didn't actually circumsize his kid. Or did he? 

*Infuriating Mom Blog...."Why you shouldn't play hide and seek."

*Speaking of blogs, here is one that doesn't suck. Or at least doesn't take itself so seriously. AHEM. MY BLOG. (CarissaJaded)

We'll be talking to Kevin Swanson from Generations radio this morning. This is bound to make some of your blood boil.

This is probably the weirdest car chase coverage of all time. 

The Fairness doctrine is back. 

*Thanks to Warrior Aaron Haley for finding Dale's porn doppleganger. (above)

*Today is 30 years since the death of Karen Carpenter. We love you Karen.

*Matt missed the Furrs song, so we decided to replay it for him.

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