Dudley and Bob Show 1-29-2013
Posted 1/29/2013 6:33:00 AM

*Dale is nervous about a tinted black vehicle that was parked in his neighborhood this morning. If you're driving a suspicious looking vehicle, please refrain from doing so in his neighborhood. 


*Ireland is coming up and Dale is already apprehensive about the travel aspect of the trip. 


*The boyscouts are trying to ruin Dale's life. Could potentially end the "No gay" ban.

*Mother forces daughter to get a tattoo. WARNING. THIS VIDEO IS GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING.

*Matt and his wife will be welcoming a new baby boy into the world tomorrow... which once again brings us to the circumcision discussion. Matt has not yet made a decision and Bob and Dale both have different opinions about what is more ethical.


I had to eat a snake fish head. Actually I just licked it and then threw it up. Disgusting.

*We love CJ. He makes us laugh. Listen to one of his voicemails here. 

*Racial crime is happening in Steiner...Thanks to Quita Culpepper for calling in to talk about it!

The two biggest douchebags in "radio."

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