Dudley and Bob Show 1-23-2013
Posted 1/23/2013 7:18:00 AM

*Restaurants are putting bans on taking pictures of food in restaurants. In some cases, they only allow them to take them in the back right when the food is presented. 

Possibly the worst idea ever... Yelpers can buy clout?

*WHEEL OF GOLD: We FINALLY get to hear about the time a girl ran from a limo after a date with Daniel. If you missed it, I won't give all the details away, but make sure you check this segment out on our podcast!

*How often should you and your partner be having sex? Who are the happiest couples? We discussed some of the "normalities" for couples.

*Dudley and Bob Spelling Bee! Find out if Matt was lying when he said he can't spell. We suspect he is actually an expert-speller.


*Groupon is now anti-gun

*More people have died from hand guns than by all wars in the US.

*School safety should be improving,

*Ted Nugent and his friends may start an armed-revolt.

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