Dudley and Bob Show 1-18-2013
Posted 1/18/2013 6:47:00 AM

*Lance confessed to Oprah last night, Did you happen to see the interview? We don't think he was necessarily being completely sincere. The conclusion? we think Lance is still a tool.

*Dale found out that Rick Perry has blocked him on twitter. Seriously? What kind of politician blocks people who disagree with them? The conclusion? Rick Perry is sort of a pussy.

*Dale created a new character for the new governer candidate, Greg Abbot. The conclusion? Greg is just like Rick Perry.

*In case you missed it, here is a clip from Lance's confession.

*This study shows us the key to happiness.... #1. Sex #2. Drinking.

Dewhurst explains the changes made to Medicaid.

Sympathize or patronize: this is the segment where you call and let us know what's ailing you... and we either pat your back or laugh in your face.

-During this bit we heard from our listener JJ, who got a Dudley and Bob tattoo a few months back for a show bit. Here is a pic in case you missed it.


*Obama recognizes non-believers

*God gave diabetes cure exclusively to Christians

*"Why I raise my children without God (article)

*Bible classes are biased

85 Year old Organist




This morning we are talking to Lisa Vanderpump from Bravo's "Vanderpump Rules." The show follows Lisa and her staff of her West Hollywood restaurant, SUR.

You can catch the show on Monday's at 9PM on Bravo. 

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