Dudley and Bob Show 1-14-13
Posted 1/14/2013 7:27:00 AM

*We are looking for a new theme song. If you have a band and would like to submit one that would be fitting behind our intro, please send it our way!

*The Golden Globes were last night. Did you watch them? Dale is very disapointed that Bernie didn't get a win. 

*There is still a chance that Lance could go to jail?

*A bridge to nowhere in Austin?

*Pat Robertson - Your mom isn't so sweet!


*You know that really super fun thing we've been talking to you about? It's opening this week and we can finally talk about it. IFly Austin.... it's the chance of a lifetime to fly! Check them out, and we'll be telling you more about them over the next few weeks.

*Why do we cry? Why do some of us cry more than others?

Cinco - Today- O: What restaurants in town charge for chips and salsa?

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