Dudley and Bob Show 1-10-2013
Posted 1/10/2013 7:06:00 AM

The rain has finally stopped. We are only on our fourth live show of the year and things are a'brewin. As Bob said, "we've already had three good shows this week, today is destined to be a disaster. Let's see what happens.

*The Supreme court is deciding whether or not they can take our blood without our permission.  By applying for our license, this is something we already sign up for.

*Proof of a miracle... 

*The face of Jesus appears on a church's door...


FOX Carolina 21

*Controversy stirs about yesterday's outing and the whole show goes off the rails. If you missed the 7-8 o'clock hour, this is definitely one you want to hear.

*The 2013 Oscar nominations have been announced. I have only seen out of the nine best picture nominations. I've got a lot of movie -seeing to do. Are you happy with the nominations?


*Cloning humans may be in our near future. If you could bring someone back, who would it be?


*New weight loss procedure is basically medical bulimia. I have a problem with this.

*Von Helton was an original internet troll. Also, we're convinced this would be Dale had he not discovered radio.


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