Dudley and Bob Show 1-9-13
Posted 1/9/2013 7:09:00 AM

It's another rainy morning in Austin, TX. Moods are tense, but we're still laughing.

*Alex Jones, fresh off of Piers Morgan. He's kind of a big deal today.

*Glenn Beck thinks Alex Jones is crazy. 


*People in the Neighborhood: We spoke to Ajit ( @ajitfoldsfive ) for talking to us about his article in Complex about the 25 douchiest bars in Austin. We really hope he writes 25 douchiest public figures in Austin, and Dale gives him full permission to put his name on the list. 


*Lance Armstrong plans on confessing everything to Oprah. Come on, Lance! Please talk to us instead! We've got your back!

*The worst video you'll see all week...

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