Dudley and Bob Show 12-13-2012
Posted 12/13/2012 6:45:00 AM

*Dale has beef with the way Austin women dress. What's with the tall boots and leggings? Well I, for one think they are comfortable. 

*Everyone is finally getting in the Christmas mood. Dale even put a little cinnamon and vanilla in his coffee this morning!

*Everyone outed me for exaggerating about how far away my boyfriend is moving. To be fair, 2222 to very South Congress IS a 45 minute route if you don't like to drive on highways.

*By the year 2043, whites may be in the minority. Dale's dad would roll over in his grave... but at least we got a great impression of him this morning.

*KVUE listed the top DWI bars. Should we be pointing fingers at the bars? Isn't the blame on the drivers?

*This call to 911 is painful. 


*Wiki-Rissa: Watergate...7:30... I'm a dumbass.

*Carrie Contey, PHD is back in the studio this morning to talk about parenting and child issues. If you would like to contact Carrie, check out her website!

*Look forward to less parking downtown, but you can always take public transportation!

*11 Qualities that a perfect woman should have... BARF Do all men want a woman who has big boogs, long legs, and who laughs at their jokes? I don't know why I get so worked up over this,. 

*Humans are disgusting.

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