The Best of The Dudley and Bob Show 2012
Posted 12/5/2012 11:59:00 AM

The world might be ending in a few weeks, so we may as well go out with a laugh, right? That's why we're celebrating the end of 2012 by counting down some of your favorite moments from this year in the Dudley and Bob Show!

In 2012, we made Carissa eat some pretty disgusting things, put Dale's anti-religious fervor to the test, and introduced a whole slew of new bits to the fold. And we asked you to pick your favorites, so here they are!

Our first clip finds young Daniel at odds with a female listener who can't seem to give him a break. And he can't let it go. Enjoy!

For clip #2, Daniel is the subject yet again. As if listening to a woman berate him on air weren't enough to get his heart rate going, the guys see what they can do to raise his rate even higher.

In moment #3, we have April, calling the station to complain about APD. And as it turns out, she's a bit of a B. The result is a shouting match between Matt and this woman, who has no interest in having a two-way conversation.

Back in July, we had somewhat of a hostage situation at the station, and Dale freaked out. Everything was OK, but it was scary for while.

The guys (and girl) get a clip sent to them that's described as a "must-watch," and it's so disgusting that the resulting bit is basically just several minutes of them crying in horror. And it'll leave you crying tears of laughter.

Stand-up comedians Ralphie May and Chris Cubas came by to hang out with guys and share some laughs and some less-than-appropriate stories. Oh, and Matt gets asked out to dinner.

B-DOE stops by to reminisce about his first ACL experience with the guys. Things got weird.

In our "Spit or Swallow" segment, we've made Carissa eat some pretty gross stuff. But nothing as gross as the fermented bean curd, which was an attack on the senses of the entire group.

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