Dudley and Bob Show 12-5-2012
Posted 12/5/2012 7:08:00 AM

*We learned this morning, that the most deadliest animal in the world is a bat. I also learned that the wolverine is an actual animal, and not just a sexy fictional member of the X-Men. Who knew? (Everyone, it seems)

*Republicans site abortion and homeschooling to defeat UN disability treaty.

*NASA says the world will not end on the 21st. What do you think?

*Wheel of Gold: Bob tells the story of his night before Christmas, when he gave his son a spanking at church,

*Jilted lover ran over ex's mom.

*This was so good we had to revisit it. 

*Studies show that the majority of people take tweeting to the toilet. How many of you do this?

*We also learned that Dale has poo hands.

*Thanks to listener Adam Wolf for all of the hilarious show memes. To see them all, click here! 

*Netflix strikes deal with Disney


Dirty at Thirty: Weird performance art. Warning-Contains Semi-graphic material.

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