Dudley and Bob Show 11-28-2012
Posted 11/28/2012 6:56:00 AM

There is so much to talk about today! 

*Carissa caused a stir with 101X because she parked in Jason Dick's parking spot.

*We also found out Dale is a 1st Class litterer. He's been dumping out his coffee stirrer in the parking lot every. single. morning.

Johnny Football

*Big thanks to Charla the sex expert... or "sexpert" for coming in this morning for People in the Neighborhood. She is always a joy to have in, and teaches us so much! Check out her website to find out more about her upcoming tantric classes and so much more! She offers tons of tips on how to be a better lover, and how to get the most out of sex. DO IT. (That's what she said.)


*Big announcement this morning! Dale and Bob finally got their contracts worked out, and will be on the air for at least two more years! We'll be making a few changes, but we think you'll like them. Stay tuned!


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