Dudley and Bob Show 11-19-2012
Posted 11/19/2012 7:14:00 AM

*Will you miss the Twinkie? Dale says he won't. But then again he never had an RC Cola with a Moon Pie.


*Austin people are weird.. but this was handled excellently.

We now have to say goodbye to American Chopper... which is basically the end of an era.

*Don't ask Chris Christie about a twinkie.

*Sensational article about Pedicabs?

Downtown pedicabs: A ride or risk?

You can now sing Gangam Style on karaoke!

Cinco-Today-O- Five best and worst Thanksgiving Day foods! What is your favorite?

Here is ours!

5. Hybrid Pies (Keep it simple)

4. Hybrid Stuffings (Again, keep it simple)

3. Hybrid Jellos (ala tuna, chicken, tomato)

2. Giblet Gravy

1. Green Bean Casserole

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