Dudley and Bob Show 11-14-2012
Posted 11/14/2012 7:15:00 AM

*Bob wins worst show prep of the week. Take a listen to the James Bond theme song done in accapella. I think it's pretty swell.

Survey done about Austin's concern about the homeless problem downtown.

*Perry and Dewhurst want to drug test people for welfare. This topic got a little heated. Definitely check it out on the podcast!


*People in the Neighborhood: This morning we spoke to an Austin Embalmer of the starts. It was interesting to speak to someone who deals so closely to death on a daily basis! 

If you know somone who would be a good fit for our People in the Neighborhood segment, shoot me an email- Carissa@klbjfm.com


*Robertson excuses Petraeus.


*Thanks to Jon Dee Graham for showing up this morning! We loved him at Max's Wine Dive last week and we're glad to have him back! For more details, check out his website JonDeeGraham.com! Also, check him out tonight at the Continental Club at 10:30!

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