Dudley and Bob Show 11-7-2012
Posted 11/7/2012 6:52:00 AM

*Are whites now the minority? Bill O'Reilly thinks so.

Was Diane Sawyer wasted on line?


Hundreds of people on twitter are calling for an assassination. The FBI has a busy week ahead of them. 


*Wheel of Gold: Dale finally told his "My tee tee hurts" story! If you missed it, check it out on the podcast!


*New to the show? Check out some of the past episodes of Taint and Tea bag.... it's like Dudley and Bob on a ton of alcohol.


*RIP Coach Royal. Thanks for all that you did for our city and our team!

*Dale's home town is finally selling beer! 


*Thanks to Matt Sadler for coming in the studio this morning! He will be performing at Cap City Comedy Club tonight and tomorrow night (November 7th and 8th). Purchase tickets by visiting the site or calling 467-2333

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