Dudley and Bob Show 10-12-2012
Posted 10/12/2012 7:39:00 AM

*Are you going to ACL this weekend? Who are you excited to see and what kind of people are you expecting to see there? We're pretty excited about middle-aged-recently lost weight dude. 

*Your diamonds may not be worth so much anymore. Scientists have recently found a diamond planet! 

*And just in case you were wondering how to pick out a piece of jewlery for your lady, Matt and Bob give us tips! Pay attention, gentlemen. Sometimes she's telling you what she wants without actually telling you what she wants. Smell what I'm stepping in?

*Bob is sad today. We had to cheer him up with a little "Under Pressure." It's the cure for all ails. 

Nick Vatterott is in the studio this morning! Nick has been featured on Conan and Jimmy Fallon, as well as toured with the Second City. You can see him all weekend at Cap City, and YOU SHOULD. Get tickets through the site or by calling 467-2333.

Posted By: Carissa  
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