Dudley and Bob Show 10-9-2012
Posted 10/9/2012 6:59:00 AM

*This morning we've got so much going on. 

We spent a good deal of time talking about our insecurities. Daniel was still a little upset about having the highest BMI on the show... so we decied to make him feel a little better by sharing our own histories. Bob used to have Buck Teeth. Matt worried about fitting in. Carissa had boy issues. What about you?


*Man dies in the dumbest contest of all time


*Nick Mullen is our next contestant in the "Next Dale Dudley" Competition. You can see him tonight at Matt Bearden's PUNCH! Be at Cap City Comedy Club at 7:45, and you should probably get tickets early because they regularly sell out! You can also donate to Nick and help get him to New Orleans here!

Posted By: Carissa  
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