Dudley and Bob Show 9-27-2012
Posted 9/27/2012 6:55:00 AM

*The debate over the possible hate crime down town this weekend, has heated up. Social networking really shows people's true colors.

Did they find Jimmy Hoffa? This envoked a lovely discussion on the definition of "mobsters." 

*Bagel Head: A new trend? WTF 

Check out what Matt Bearden is wearing today. WHO WANTS TO FIGHT, HUH? Join him tonight at Third Base in Round Rock and register for a chance to win tickets to the Red River Rivalry.

*This morning we are talking with Lauren Petrowsiki from Fox 7 News. She went to UT where she studied Broadcast Journalism and is currently learning to speak French. Check her out mornings on Fox 7 as the UT Reporter.

*This video very well may change your life. This is footage from a real soldier in Afghanistan, showing us what he goes through every day.

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