Find the Love of your Life
Posted 2/14/2014 10:05:00 AM

Don’t sit at home or do some lame dinner date thing this Valentine’s Day, come drink and play Singled Out with the Captain at the Goodnight. Couples and singles are welcome to attend!

Contestants from the crowd will compete to win the love of two bachelors and two bachelorettes (and Goodnight gift cards). Our feature bachelor is the one and only, Mr. Daniel Gallo from the Dudley and Bob Morning Show.

Here’s how it works:
Go to register (or just show up). Everyone who registers and shows up will be entered to win a package at the Horseshoe Bay Resort

The bachelorette/bachelor will take the stage and be facing away from the crowd. Three contestants will be singled out from the crowd based on the questioner and/or random selection. The three participants will sit in front of the stage and do their best do woo the bachelorette.
Round One:
We will get to know each contestant and then I’ll ask a question.
Round Two: The bachelorette/bachelor will ask three questions.
Round Three:
Each contestant will plea their case or demonstrate some special talent for the crowd.
The bachelorette/bachelor will then select their date and meet them

Here’s the order:
8:30-9:30 – Registration
9:30 – We bring up the first bachelorette
9:55 – We choose and bring up the first bachelor
10??? -  I’m probably drunk so it’s time to bring up bachelorette number two
10:something – Finally, the one and only Daniel Gallo.

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