A Few Reverse Prank Calls
Posted 4/9/2014 4:01:00 PM

Every now and then, telemarketers and debt collectors call the radio station to harass me. Instead of politely asking them to hang up, I mess with them until they hang up. Find more here - Darkives.com.

Shit Monster

Golden Shower

I am in debt to the Nines!

I call this one Squidmaar, Son of Squid F*cker

I thought I would sex up this prank call a bit more than usual. A lot more.

Doing my part to contribute to society by answering phone surveys.

Amber tries to scam me

Let's send some dick pics Mucho, mucho gatos

Political Research Surveys are the best!

Do not leave this website, get more CJ weirdness here!

Classic Paintings as Selfies

Do You Podcast? Check These Shows Out

The Parks Report


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