Marijuana & Food Pairings
Posted 1/14/2014 10:09:00 AM

With the introduction of legalized recreation marijuana comes an entirely new economy. Everything from farms, to dispensaries and even high class culinary and pot pairings (as reported in the NY Times). I consider myself to be an expert of all things that relate to vice and eating.  So, I have decided to create my own line of dispensaries/restaurants that will match delicious flavors of cannabis with pothead cuisine.

Blue Cheese & Hot Wings
Let's start simple with some good, honest American comfort food: Blue Cheese and Buffalo Wings. This heady, stanky-cheese flavored bud goes great with buffalo sauce, wings and football. This pairing is Ricky Williams recommended and approved!

Amnesia & White Castle
After a night out on the town chances are you'll want to forget everything! Amnesia will do just that while White Castle's mini burgers soak up the toxins and purge them from the colon. You won't remember a thing but you'll wake up feeling great.

AK-47 & The 7/11 Special
The Kalashnikov is known for it’s trademark sound - which matches only one other think on the world: a Slurpee machine. Chances are, the Armenian clerk has the gun under the counter which is why this pairing is so perfect. Smoke a bowl of AK-47 and prepare to storm your stomach with delicious Funyuns, beef jerky and top it off with a Slurpee.

Mexican Skunk & Taco Bell
It’s the type of high reminiscent of your early college days. Some of that Mexican skunk paired up with a Taco Bell 5-Pack. Feel free to mix it up!

Blueberry Bubble Gum & Ice Cream
Cleanse your palette with the sweet sativa known as Blueberry Bubble Gum.  Once your taste buds have been brought to full attention, bath them in the richness that is a Ben & Jerry’s sundae. You’re welcome.

Green Cheese & Bacon Nachos
This gluten free option combines the best of both worlds: meat and cheese ala bacon and nacho cheese sauce. No need for chips or a bowl, the crispy pork strips will serve as both. Doesn’t sound like a good idea? Have a few hits of green cheese and it will.  

California Orange & Orange Chicken
A wise man once said that the best oriental cuisine comes from the microwave. Regardless of how it’s prepared, nothing makes Orange Chicken taste better than some California Orange. Go big and add a few eggrolls to soak up the sauce.

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