Man Puts Out Fire with Beer
Posted 1/13/2014 8:15:00 AM

Sometimes you have to sacrifice a few to save the many - at least when it comes to yella-bellies.

Captain Craig Moreau, a Houston Firefighter, was returning home after visiting Austin when he noticed a smoke coming from a truck on the side of Highway 71. According to the Houston Chronicle, The 18-wheeler’s brakes had caught fire and were spreading to the tires. Moreau attempted to put the fire out with a small extinguisher but was unsuccessful. That’s when the driver let him know what was contained inside the trailer:

"It's beer! It's all beer!"

The truck was filled with Coors Banquet Beer, which the two began to shake up and spray onto the blaze. Though the tire was burnt and a lot of beer was wasted, they managed to save the truck and it's precious cargo.

Congratulations, Captain Moreau. You not only saved someone's 18-wheeler, but you did with beer. Mustaches off to you, sir.

Posted By: CJ  
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