The Christmas Present That Was Never Under the Tree
Posted 12/19/2013 11:16:00 AM

I grew up in a great family and in a house filled with love. My parents worked really hard to make sure my sister and I always had a wonderful Christmas. Not just the presents, but the get-togethers, the food, friends and family… okay, the presents. At an early age I stopped believing in Santa Claus. That was until I got a Nintendo Entertainment System (which I knew my parents couldn’t afford).  Every year was similar, a great gift would appear under the tree and I would rejoice.

But there is always a dark side to any Christmas story. A black sheep. A gift that never came.  Mine was the Black Seas Barracuda. The Cadillac of Lego sets.  It was an incredible pirate ship that cost over $100 in 1989 money.  As the years went on, the ship became harder to find and went up in price. To this day, I have tried to get one but have been unsuccessful.

My parents always got Legos so I could play with something on Christmas day

Hangin with Dad & Sis

Riding my new bike

My love for Legos

Standing in front of my clubhouse wearing my new Eagles starter Jacket (they didn’t have any Cowboy ones so my mom did her best).

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