Texas' Greatest Toll Violators
Posted 10/18/2013 12:02:00 PM

These people are heroes. And losers. But mainly heroes. Especially considering 90% of the $27 million 'owed' to the State of Texas is in ridiculous Toll Fees. I paid a toll a few years back that jumped from $1.25 to $80 in months. Never received a bill, just a violation notice after the fact with two $15 charges. Tried calling, but there is no customer service.

We didn’t vote for these Toll roads which fund investors not the state. Furthermore, many (if not all) of these toll roads that brought “jobs” to our area have laid off all the collectors and gone completely automated. Which means we are forced to pay by mail or get a TexTag sticker. You know who else made people wear stickers to identify themselves??? Okay, that is a reach. But really though, F U toll roads.

Here is a list of a few true Texas heroes. Keep in mind they did not cost you A DIME. That is all bullshiiizzzz.

Owner Co-Owner City/State Unpaid Toll Transactions Total Amount of Tolls and Fees Owed
Ronny Williams Cora Lewis Pflugerville, TX 14,358 $236,026.32
Mandy Dyment Stephen Dyment Hutto, TX 10,566 $217,619.79
Renee Lee Ferguson   Hutto, TX 8,718 $166,506.35
Taniqua Evans   Hutto, TX 7,777 $158,705.16
Theresa Twyefort   Pflugerville, TX 6,280 $149,418.37
Amee J Geren   Round Rock, TX 6,692 $145,341.08
Judy Blundell   Taylor, TX 5,952 $141,755.21
Ashley A Canada   Austin, TX 7,100 $139,344.62
Laura A Gregory   Round Rock, TX 6,111 $132,750.33
Mina Henderson   Hutto, TX 5,193 $124,132.84
Tracey N Smith   Hutto, TX 5,138 $120,472.80
Carmilla Alberts   Pflugerville, TX 4,722 $117,808.00
Roger Brooks   Round Rock, TX 4,462 $111,596.74
David Richard Daly Richard Pflugerville, TX 5,236 $102,787.21
Stephanie A Davis   Pflugerville, TX 4,912 $102,097.02
Yair Vanunu   Austin, TX 4,447 $100,027.61
Durjuana Fresch   Pflugerville, TX 4,137 $96,176.25
Robert Gervais Simon Gervais Round Rock, TX 4,065 $94,983.23
Lisa A Gonzales   Pflugerville, TX 5,118 $94,855.95
Lori Millican   Austin, TX 4,146 $87,732.50
Kathleen Rivera   Leander, TX 3,529 $87,698.39
Mary Castaneda John Castaneda Austin, TX 6,003 $86,979.57
Tony Gutierrez Mary Gutierrez Hutto, TX 3,549 $86,134.98
Nicole Michell Brown   Pflugerville, TX 4,476 $85,886.60
Alex Garcia   Austin, TX 3,604 $82,297.26

Senate Bill 1792 gives the Texas Department of Transportation the authority to report the names of toll violators publicly in an effort to collect more than $27 million in unpaid tolls owed by these top violators and others across the state. The tolls collected will be used to pay debt and fund operations of state-maintained toll roads.

In addition to publishing the list of top violators, TxDOT also has the authority to:

  • Ban vehicles from using TxDOT toll roads with Texas Transportation Commission approval. If stopped by law enforcement, vehicles in violation of the ban can be ticketed and impounded.
  • Report the habitual violators to county tax assessor-collectors to potentially block the renewal of the vehicle’s registration.

Motorists with unpaid toll violations should immediately contact the TxTag Customer Service Center at (888) 468-9824 between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. weekdays. A negotiated settlement amount may be offered as well as a payment plan, if needed.

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