Mexican, Mustache and Madam
Posted 10/17/2013 11:05:00 AM

If podcasts tickle your fancy let me suggest you listen to Mexican, Mustache and Madam. It’s a Podcast Novella staring three radio station employees. Carissa, Chuy and myself as the mustache. The last two episodes (14&15) were a lot of fun and got pretty real so they should be a great place to start. Tune in this hour (11am) to hear a few clips!

Discover why I am single again, how Chuy deals with depression and about Carissa’s eating disorder and CRAZY time on the Biggest Loser.

Please keep in mind that these are unedited and as in real conversations between nit-wits, some of the things that come out of our mouths can be a bit offensive. That’s not an excuse, it’s just how people talk sometimes. If your mind is open and your heart isn’t pure, subscribe to us on iTunes or Feedburner. Search Darkives or Mexican, Mustache and Madam.

Maybe, just maybe one day, they will let us be a part of Dudley and Bob Land.

This podcast is intended for a mature audience. The content expressed, implied and/or played on this show do not reflect the views and opinions of it’s hosts, guests, Emmis Austin Radio, it’s advertisers or really anyone for that matter. Seriously, we are not even responsible for anything we’ve said. Actually, you know what, JUST DON’T LISTEN.

Ep 14: Blind, Deaf and Dumb

After a bit of a vacation and work induced hiatus we return! We promise you this is a fun, hilarious and emotiojnally touching episode.
We start out minus a Mustache, the Madam and some headphones. We get right into politics and the shutdown. Carissa returns and we switch gears to mental health and then get into sleep paralysis, dreams, our senses and get a little real. Carissa goes more in depth about her eating disorder and being overweight, Chuy deals with depression and CJ makes really inappropriate jokes. Happy birthday to Carissa’s sister.

Ep 15: Cats & Dogs, Concussions and Chuy’s Haircut

Another fascinating episode. Really! CJ is single…again…for now. We briefly discuss Chuy’s haircut, the state of the world, CJ’s concussion, relationship troubles and at the end we create/improv our own talk radio news show. Also in this episode: South Park, Chuy laughs at the saddest and sweetest thing in the world, the transition Dub Horn, new Tim and Eric, how to read to an audience properly and animal sound effects.

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