Top Ten Comments about Shaving my Mustache
Posted 10/15/2013 11:05:00 PM

Last week I shaved my mustache. I've had my lip caterpillar for about a year now. When people saw me, they had a myriad of weird remarks. Here are my Top Ten Comments about Shaving my Mustache.

10) Did you shave?

9) You look different….

8) Is everything ok?

7) Are you getting a new job?

6) Oh is it Movemeber. You're doing that thing 

From people who do not realize I like having facial hair and will grow this back, number five:

5) Finally. I got to be honest, that thing looks so stupid. Good for you man

4) That's what your lip looks like! 

3) Why?

2) Oh my god, you look so, so creepy

And the number one response, coming from my girlfriend..

1) What did you do! Why would you shave! Do not talk to me until you grow that mustache back.

Click here to find out about the charity that benefitted from my shaving

Posted By: CJ  
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