Strange Item Survives a Bizarre Car Wreck
Posted 10/14/2013 11:55:00 AM

To my knowledge, there is only one item that can survive a car wreck and the subsequent fire. Not an asbestos hat, not a lead box and definitely not my grandmother.

Wednesday morning, my co-worker Jimbo (known as the ‘voice’) was heading to the office down a ranch road. Unfortunately, he came across a large raccoon and did not have time to stop. Several miles down the road, drivers began to honk at Jimbo and attempt to flag him down. He pulled over to discover his car was smoking. Moments later the car burst into flames due to a raccoon being lodged in the engine.

Luckily, he was not injured or scathed  in anyway… and neither was the mystery item.

Now, here's the inside of the car. Can you see the one item that made it unscathed?

That’s right. The only thing that can survive a car crash and fire is gum. Not just any gum, but Trident gum

Now that I have this knowledge, I decided to build an indestructible suit

Posted By: CJ  
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