Emmy Robbin in Studio
Posted 9/24/2013 11:15:00 AM

My friend, actress Emmy Robbin, came by the studio to talk movies, boobies and mustaches. Since the last time we spoke to her, she’s walked the red carpet, been in Machete Kills and had a movie she starred in (I Didn’t Come Here to Die) take off. She brought some swag (Machete DVD, shirts, poster) and is ready to answer any questions you have for her. And yes I will hit her up for an acting gig.

Also, make sure you are at the Machete Kills Austin premiere (10.01) at the Paramount. Tickets are available at Austinfilm.org and benefit the Austin Film Society. Tune in for a chance to win yourself a pair! Or, just go buy them since it is for a good cause.

More about Emmy:

"Emmy Robbin has been a performer since she could walk and talk. Growing up in a small town with little access to an artistic creative outlet, she knew she had to follow her dreams any way she could. She moved to New York right after graduating high school where she learned how to DJ and was a resident DJ at many bars and restaurants around the city for 2 years. At 19 right after 911 she moved back to TX to follow her acting dreams. She was a VJ for a local music and entertainment TV program for 4 year called METV. She hosted the midnight rock show called Red River Rocks where her love of music was showcased interviewing local and undiscovered bands as well as major multi platinum selling bands. She currently sings with the sexy and talented electro rock band Dead Love Club. In 2008 she played a supporting role as the best friend of Nakia Burrise (also known as the Yellow Power Ranger) in a film by African director Joy Dixon in Between Kings and Queens. You may know her from Robert Rodriguez's Sin City where she was a killing old town girl, or the "hot cop" from Rodriguez's Planet Terror. She began working as a Production Assistant for Rodriguez on Spy Kids 4 and was again appearing in his next movie Machete as a mean gun savvy Chola fighting for Machete. In 2007 she had her first big role in a SAG featured film called The Sno Cone Stand where she played Tony Sirico's wife Sally. Her first major starring role was in a horror movie released in 2012 called I Didn't Come Here to Die where she played the leader of a group of volunteers working in the woods. This movie releases nation wide in all outlets and was #2 for 6 weeks straight at RED BOX. This quickly prompted a release in Germany where it held in the top 5 for 4 weeks. At a height of 5'8" she loves to play strong, sexy, powerful, characters. You can see her again as a man hunting, gunslinging woman named "Pris" in the upcoming Rodriguez release Machete Kills. Alongside Alexa Vega she hunts down men and slays them for her boss the lovely Sophia Vergara. 2014 may also bring many more roles for Emmy as she plays "Flamethrower", a sexy pyromaniac old town girl in Sin City 2. She currently is an Executive Assistant at Troublemaker Studios and hopes for many more collaborations with Rodriguez and company as well as other directors. She still sings in Dead Love Club and hopes to succeed in life with one of her many passions including acting and singing. "

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