Whiskeys of the World Expo
Posted 7/24/2013 8:25:00 AM

It’s true, I’m a Whiskeyman. I want to share my knowledge and love of whiskey with you which is why all week long we are going to play: Whiskey Wars! A Grain Mash Brain Game. I will post a question or resource online and ask you a question about it around 10:20 every day. The first person to answer the question will receive a pair of tickets to the Whiskies of the World Expo at the Austin Music Hall on October 2nd! for more, visit whiskiesoftheworld.com.

Today's piece of info is located below. If you are going to drink Whiskey with me, I need to know that you can idetify a few brands of Whiskey/Bourbon/Scotch. I'll ask my question around 10:55.



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