Most Terrifying Terroristic Terrorist
Posted 7/1/2013 11:18:00 AM

Terrorists are running amok in our society. They prey on the innocent, feed on our young and live to make us suffer. Thankfully, the United States and most other civilized countries, have laws (like the Patriot Act) to help catch and punish terrorists.

In order to help expose the everyday, unseen domestic terrorists, I am introducing my new segment: The Most Terrifying Terroristic Terrorist.

Today we meet the wife of a Belgium diplomat, who we will call Bombareena. While visiting a New York country club, Bombareena stepped out on a balcony to breastfeed her baby. Luckily, the club’s vigilant manager quickly asked her to leave or finish in the restroom. Management called the police after she refused to leave and soon a dozen officers swarmed in demanding the other patrons evacuate. Apparently, the black back pack she and her husband had for the baby made him look like a "terrorist."

Hey terrorists! Next time you come to our country and try to breastfeed, remember to go in the restroom. Now one wants to see that at lunch.

(full story via Gawker)

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