The 20 Worst Bands
Posted 6/21/2013 11:00:00 AM

Last year, LA Weekly put together a list of the 20 worst bands of all time, which has come up again for debate. Naturally, CJ and I (Nicole, the former intern) have something to say about each one. We're not sure that some of these bands deserve to be on the list.

20. Spin Doctors
"Spin Doctors is actually a good band," said no one ever, except Nicole. This was actually the first concert that I ever saw. They opened for Hootie & the Blowfish. That's what I said, now.

19. The Raconteurs
18. Oasis
17. Phish

One time CJ took shrooms and tripped out at a Phish concert...turns out that is the LAST place you want to be when you're tripping. There were little evil trolls dancing around in a forest.
16. 4 Non Blondes
15. Pretty Ricky
14. Foreigner

BLASPHEMY! Foreigner is awesome. "Digging for gold, throwing away, a fortune in feeling, but someday you'll pay." It's poetry, man.

13. Wings
Okay, so they're not the Beatles. It doesn't mean that they're bad.
12. Fleet Foxes
11. Red Hot Chili Peppers

What? Just...what?
10. Pussycat Dolls

9. Rush
Sorry, Neal Peart can't hear you smack-talking him over the sound of him killing it on the drums.

8. Hootie & the Blowfish
So I guess someone else was at my virgin concert.
7. Pearl Jam

6. Black Eyed Peas
5. Animal Collective
4. Sex Pistols

I think punk just died a little inside.
3. LCD Soundsystem
2. Eagles

1. Dave Matthews Band
CJ: "Dammit, that's my favorite band!"
Nicole: " comment."

You know what? Somebody has to say it. This list sucks. Most of these bands are great. It looks like we'll just have to make our own list of the 20 worst bands. Do you have any suggestions of what should be on the list?

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