Hidden Faces in Labyrinth
Posted 6/13/2013 10:36:00 AM

We all love Jim Henson’s cult classic Labyrinth. What could be better than the iconic David Bowie (Jareth) ruling over a world of puppets? Almost 20 years after its release, people are still discovering new gems in the world. Throughout the movie, David Bowie’s face is craftily hidden in multiple scenes. What better way to show your dominance and the scope of your powers over a land then to put your face in as many places as possible? In the same way Roman emperors would print their faces on all currency, it seems King Jareth wanted to show his goblin minions who is really in charge. We’ve compiled the hidden faces below, see if you can find them.

Here's video of the scenes:

More Bowie in Labyrinth:

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