Our Week Together (a recap)
Posted 2/8/2013 2:50:00 PM

Another day another dollar, another week another... uh five dollars. Here's some of the hot action from my show this week:


-Beyonce may or may not have had a nip-slip at halftime

-What's a proper tip when going out to eat? At least 20% right?

-Some guy named Gary called and sang the star spangled banner: "Jose can you see..."

 -Don't give a judge the finger unless you want more jail time

-I got high at work, and made a video!

-I am fed up with my broken phone, cell service and internet. So, I gave it 'em good!

-A few of my favorite inspirational quotes

- I put my tax return to good use

- Soccer is a scam

-Discover some music

Posted By: CJ  
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